Garage48 Food - greener food for a greener planet

Start: 22.10.2021 00:00
End: 24.10.2021 00:00

Online and Offline

In co-organisation with Garage48, Estonian University of Life Sciences and Estonian Research Council, and partnership with Polli Horticultural Research Centre, TFTAK, TalTech, Ministry of Rural Affairs, and BioCC, a first in its kind hackathon of food technology will take place 22-24 October 2021 in Estonia, to find solutions to different challenges in the food industry.

Garage48 Food will take place both as an on-site and as an online event.

Participants developing physical prototypes are expected in the laboratories of the Estonian University of Life Sciences (Tartu), TFTAK (Tallinn), TalTech (Tallinn), Polli Horticultural Research Center (Viljandi) and BioCC (Tartu). 

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