Every kilometer counts!

Statute of the competition "Every kilometer counts!"

  1. This statute describes the announcement, implementation and reward principles for the Estonian University of Life Sciences’ walking and cycling competition "Every kilometer counts!" (hereinafter ‘the competition’).
  2. The competition aims to promote walking and cycling on the EMÜ campus, in the city of Tartu and elsewhere, and to credit our cyclists and walkers. Distances cycled and walked for sport or training will also count.
  3. The competition will take place from April 19 to May 16 at 11:59 pm. 
  4. The competition is open to all EMÜ students and staff.
  5. The competition is based on honesty.
  6. Enrolling in the competition will take place on the green initiative’s homepage at https://www.emu.ee/en/about-the-university/green-university/every-kilometer-counts/
  7. Distances cycled and walked will be calculated individually. To participate in the prize draw, a minimum distance of 50 kilometers must be covered. 
  8. Calculation and ranking of the results will take place online, in the GoAndRun environment, and the results will be published on the EMÜ green initiative homepage.
  9. The competition is organised by the EMÜ green initiative.

Due the closure of Endomondo, the calculation of the competition will be different this year:

  • First you must register as a participant using the form on the right side of the website. Thanks to registration, we will receive your information and request to participate in the competition. 
  • The calculation of the competition takes place in GoAndRun environment, where the organizer enters your registration data. 
  • After we have entered your data into the environment, you can start collecting kilometers. Don't worry if you have registered while the competition is already running. In any case, we will receive your information and add you to the competition within two working days at the latest.


How to I enter kilometers? 

  • Go to the website: goandrun.eu/et/voistlused/80/emu-liikumiskonkurss.
  • Click the "Add Result" button, which will take you to the results adding environment.
  • In order for the system to check your participation, enter your exact date of birth.
  • Next, you can choose whether you want to enter your result in file form or manually. You can find more information about uploading the results: goandrun.eu/en/result-upload

The GoAndRun environment is only for recording results!

To collect kilometers, each participant must use either their own smartwatch or an application already on the phone.


Which kilometers count?

  • As always, either kilometers traveled without driving or sports equipment or kilometers traveled by bicycle, including sports kilometers, will be taken into account in the competition.
  • In order to qualify for the prize draw, a minimum of 50 km must be covered during the mobility competition. It is important that the kilometers are collected either without driving and sports equipment or by bicycle. The kilometers of the two calculations are not added together.


The competition is based on honesty. The organizer of the competition has the right to perform a random check and ask participants to share screenshots of the kilometers traveled.


The top three of both categories will get freely chosen EMÜ jersey
Between everyone who has covered a minimum distance of 50 kilometers we will draw 4 x 50 € Sportland gift cards


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