COVID-19 instructions

Covid-19: instructions at the Estonian University of Life Sciences


Study Regulations

  • Study work (including professional training) during the autumn term shall be organised in the form of face to face learning (meaning the study work will be conducted in the common physical room), except for degree study work with 50 and more participants that will be organised in the form of online learning.
  • It is allowed to participate in professional training if COVID infection safety is proven (except for participation in degree study work)
  • During face to face learning occurring outside the university campus (e.g. excursion, study trip, outing, “Physical Education” optional course, etc.), regulations adopted by the receiving institution shall be followed. Masks must be worn in the vehicle arranged to transport the participants.


Preventive measures while being at the university

  • Students must wear masks in all university buildings.
  • Measures aimed at preventing the spread of the infection shall be followed in all university buildings, i.e. people present in the same room shall be dispersed, rooms shall be ventilated and aired, as well as surfaces – disinfected.
  • Teaching staff member shall register all the students attending a study session of face to face learning. Attendance Sheet shall comprise the student’s name, national identification number, date and time of the study session, as well as teaching staff member’s name. The teaching staff member shall preserve all Attendance Sheets until the end of the term


If a student has COVID-19

  • Any individual experiencing symptoms of the virus or disease or suspecting possible infection is forbidden to be on the premises
  • Any unvaccinated student who has been in close contact with coronavirus carrier shall selfisolate
  • Any vaccinated student who has been in close contact in coronavirus carrier shall self-isolate only if the carrier belongs to the same household
  • A teaching staff member shall not be obliged to offer online learning opportunities to students in self-isolation
  • In case of infection or self-isolation, the student shall inform the university about the situation as soon as possible



  • Everyone, both employees and students, can get vaccinated without pre-registration on September 2 and 9 at the university (link to information).


Rector's order on the regulation of studies and work since 1 September 2021. 


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