The Estonian University of Life Sciences is celebrating its anniversary with a public ceremony

 At 12 o’clock on Friday, November 6 a Festive Meeting is held in the festive hall of the main building of the Estonian University of Life Sciences.  At the ceremony the honoris causa doctorate is received by Mogens Lund. In addition 13 doctoral degrees will be conferred and six Medals of Merit awarded at the ceremony. Acknowledgements are made to the outstanding research and teaching staff of the University.

Director of the Food and Agriculture Division at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Dr. Mogens Lund has broad experience in research into risk and cost-effectiveness analysis, strategic management, quality assurance and profitability as well as into the cross-border applications of hazard analysis in the food chain (HACCP). M. Lund’s main areas of research include efficacy and risk analysis, food safety, agricultural economics and food supply chains. His research also covers economic incentives for the prevention of pig and cattle diseases.

Dr Mogens Lund has been very active in international cooperation. From the early 2000s, he has been highly involved in the development and strengthening of the international network among agricultural economists in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In 2001-2007 he was elected as the chairman of the Economics Section of the Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists (NJF). During these years he developed strong links between the Nordic research institutes focusing on agricultural and food economics. „He laid the foundation for joint Nordic-Baltic research in agricultural economics as well as establishing the organisation for joint seminars and conferences. Intensive cooperation between Mogens Lund and the EMÜ Institute of Economics and Social Sciences in teaching, research and PhD supervision has grown out of these efforts. Over the past ten years Mogens Lund has made it possible for a number of academic staff members and young researchers from the Estonian University of Life Sciences to improve their theoretical and methodological skills in agricultural and food economics at the University of Copenhagen. 

The academic lecture titled "From molecule to space - interdisciplinary science to solve future challenges" is given by Steffen Manfred Noe, a senior researcher at the University.

At the ceremony Medals of Merit will be awarded to the following laureates: professor Rando Värnik; associate professor Malle Leht; senior researcher Tarmo Timm; lecturer Riin Soidla; lecturer Eino-Endel  Laas and professor emeritus Jaak Pikk.

At the Festive meeting tribute is paid to the winners of research competitions.  The Lecturer of the Year as well as the Alumnus of the Year is announced and different scholarships are awarded.  The Deed of the Year 2015 is announced.

The Estonian University of Life Sciences is the only university in Estonia whose responsibilities encompass agriculture and rural economy, forestry, environmental sciences, veterinary medicine and animal husbandry, technical and engineering sciences and their interaction. The Estonian University of Life Sciences is one of the world’s top 100 universities in the world in the field of agriculture and forestry, ranking 51 to 100. In plant and animal sciences, as well as environmental sciences and ecology the Estonian University of Life Sciences is placed into the top 1% most cited research facilities in the world.