Estonian University of Life Sciences awarded Poul Hyttel a title of Honorary Doctor

At the Festive Meeting on 9th of November in Estonian University of Life Sciences Danish professor Poul Hyttel was awarded a title of Honorary Doctor. Here you can see galleries from the event. Video is available here.

Poul Hyttel is a professor at the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Professor Poul Hyttel is an internationally recognized scientist on the field of biomedicine, animal and human stem cells and early embryonic development. He is a best example on how the “One Health” principle can be followed in research: by comparative animal and human biomedical research on molecular mechanisms, diagnostics and treatment of diseases. Poul Hyttel is a Director of BrainStem, a transnational stem cell center of excellence in neurology where advanced stem cell technologies are used to study the molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases.

Poul Hyttel is a frequent guest at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, working with colleagues in Estonia on embryo technologies. The first contacts of Professor Poul Hyttel with the scientists of Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ) date back to the 90ties when the Estonian researchers had a chance to participate in the international summer school on embryotechnology in Copenhagen, and later, to study bovine in vitro fertilization techniques at the Department for Animal Reproduction at Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL).

The collaboration has been more active since 2002 − 2003 when Dr. Jevgeni Kurõkin obtained knowledge in ultrasound diagnostics and oocyte retrieval at KVL; and Dr. Ülle Jaakma examined the ultrastructure of bovine embryos (confocal and electron microscopy) under the direct supervision of Poul Hyttel.

In Estonia, Poul Hyttel has taught numerous lectures for doctoral summer schools „Postgraduate Course in Bovine Reproduction“ (2003), „Cloning and Stem Cells“ (2013) and “Embryology” (2014), and supervised the Journal Club of PhD students.

Professor Poul Hyttel has a remarkable role in preparation of the successful Horizon 2020 Twinning project proposal SEARMET in EMÜ (2015), and since 2016, in carrying out the project activities.

The aim of SEARMET is to improve the scientific knowledge and innovation capacity of EMÜ in the linked fields of animal reproductive medicine and embryo-technology. The recommendations of the scientists of the University of Copenhagen, lead by Poul Hyttel, have contributed to the improvements in in vitro embryo production.

Poul Hyttel as an embryologist and developmental biologist, is inspired by the spirit of Tartu as a university town related to the famous K. E. von Baer, who worked here and discovered the mammalian egg cell.

Professor Poul Hyttel is an extraordinary personality not only because of his success in research but also thanks to his personal qualities. His friendliness and helpfulness, ability to explain important topics in a simple way have made him one of the favourite professors on his field both in Denmark and in Estonia.