Estonians invented a peaceful robot tank

Foto: Milrem Robotics
Self-driving tank can be used as forest planter.

A robot that can turn into a mini-tank, firefighter or tree planter is built by an Estonian company, Milrem Robotics, together with scientists.

Estonians are one of the frontrunners when it comes to self-driving vehicles. There are several companies and scientists in Estonia coming up with new solutions. Milrem Robotics is one of them. This Estonian company started off by building tanks. Now the scope is much wider.

One of scientists who is consulting Milrem Robotics is Marek Metslaid, a senior researcher at the Estonian University of Life Sciences. He specialises in forest disturbances like fires or storms. With bushfires sweeping through Australia and storms hitting the coasts of the US, it’s a hot topic lately.

Metslaid is intrigued by an idea of joining two very separate fields of knowledge: robotics and forestry. Milrem Robotics proposed developing a robot that would take care of the forest that has been wiped out, a robot that would cultivate the land and plant trees by itself.

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