University halts entry for Russian and Belarussian students and scientists

The Senate of Estonian University of Life Sciences strongly condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine. For that reason, the university restricts the entry or employment of students and academic staff from the Russian Federation and Belarus. Additionally the university creates targeted scholarships to help war refugees start or continue their interrupted studies.

By the Senate’s decision on the 31st March our university will not receive applications for the academic year 2022/2023 by the citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus who do not have a residence permit or a long-term visa of a member state of the European Union or who are not already studying in Estonia. Individuals who have a residence permit of a member state of the European Union or a long-term visa, who are already studying in Estonia or who have international protection of a member state of the European Union, can continue their studies at our university or apply for admission to the university. Same conditions apply to employment relationships with academic staff.

The Estonian University of Life Sciences creates targeted scholarships to admit citizens of Ukraine with the status of war refugees to English taught curricula, if their academic threshold allows them to start or continue at the University their studies, which have been interrupted in Ukraine. In the curricula „Planning and analysis in multifunctional forestry“, „Environmental Governance and Adaptation to Climate Change“, „Agri-Food Business Management“ and „Landscape Architecture“ two targeted scholarships are created for each curriculum starting from admissions. In the curriculum "Veterinary Medicine", two targeted scholarships are created, based on previous study and work experience immatriculation from the second academic year. Student candidates with the war refugee status from Ukraine are exempt from the document-processing fee.

Students having the status of a war refugee from Ukraine who are admitted for studies at the university with a targeted scholarship student place are exempt from paying the dormitory rent for the nominal duration of their studies. Academic staff too, including PhD students, having the status of a war refugee from Ukraine and living in the university dormitory are exempt from the advance payment for renting a room in the dormitory.

To enable continuing studies and academic work interrupted in Ukraine due to the war, the University has created an opportunity to donate through the Sihtasutus Eesti Maaülikooli Joosep Tootsi Fond (Joosep Toots Foundation of Estonian University of Life Sciences): the bank account numbers are EE637700771000812666 (LHV) and EE321010220063859013 (SEB), keyword "Ukraina". Donations made to the Foundation are subject to income tax relief, i.e. an individual can declare the donation in the income tax return; a donation by a legal entity is tax-free.