A new book: 'Electromagnetic Technologies in Food Science' launched

Foto: Kalle Valge
Ülle Jaakma, Rajeev Bhat, Mait Klaassen and Toomas Tiirats

The first copy of Prof. Rajeev Bhat's new book 'Electromagnetic Technologies in Food Science' (published by Wiley Blackwell, U.K.) was released recently at the Estonian University of Life Sciences by Mait Klaassen (Rector), Ülle Jaakma (Vice-Rector of Research), and Toomas Tiirats (Director, Institute of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Sciences).

Briefing on the book's content, Rajeev indicated that globally a range of processing techniques (both thermal and non-thermal methods) have been developed and practically applied to ensure food products safety, quality retention, and shelf-life improvement. In this regard, this book comprehensively covers information on the existing and emerging electromagnetic technologies (along the electromagnetic spectrum) that finds wide applications in food science. The book enfolds fundamental and advanced theoretical knowledge on the physics of the electromagnetic spectrum and dosimetry methods. In addition, potential applications of X-rays, gamma & electron beam irradiation, radiowaves, microwaves, ultraviolet, visible and pulsed light as novel, emerging technologies are being discussed. Also, some of the analytical techniques adopted in quality control, such as hyperspectral imaging, infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy are also being deliberated in-depth. The book is co-edited with international leading expert from Spain, Prof. Vicente Gómez-López from Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Murcia (UCAM).

Further, Prof. Bhat stated that this book can be a vital reference material for undergraduate & postgraduate students, researchers, and agri-food professionals working in the area of sustainable food production, food processing, and preservation technologies. He opined that some of the electromagnetic technologies discussed in this book are still in the infancy stage in Estonia and huge opportunities exist to explore them.

During the event, Mait Klaassen congratulated Rajeev and appreciated all his valuable contributions to the University. Ülle Jaakma applauded Rajeev's continued perseverance at the university. She indicated that designing and application of appropriate food processing technologies should benefit both consumers and the dependent industries. In this regard, Ülle believed that this book will be a valuable resource material that can benefit Estonia and beyond. Toomas Tiirats expressed his immense happiness for Rajeev's diligent and outstanding contributions to the university, and thereby to the Estonian agri-food sector.