Our veterinarians started collecting donations for shelters in Ukraine

Due to the war, the number of homeless animals in Ukraine has increased sharply, while the availability of animal feed, medical supplies and medicines has decreased. Mykolaiv and Kharkiv are very close to the front and many animals are left without owners due to the bombings. Some of them are damaged, many are malnourished, and so on.

What are we asking for? Monetary donations for veterinary care for animals in Ukraine: 
1.    Ugolyok animal shelter: they have three locations in Mykolayiv and Dnipro region and house over 1000 animals of all domestic species.
2.    Several animal shelters and a large animal vetrinarian in the Harkiv regioon.

Why? The war has dramatically increased the number of homeless animals and decreased available help in terms of medicine or funding. Mykolayiv and Harkiv are very close to the front: the destruction of towns and villages and the displacement of people leaves a large number of pets homeless. 
At the end of April, we were contacted by Estonian volunteer Inga Tomson who, since the beginning of the war, has organised supply runs to Ukraine animal shelters. Previously, she has cooperated with pet food and supply companies and small animal hospitals, for instance Janne Orro kliinik. She said that the shelters especially requested drugs and medical supplies for large animals.

Why animals? Due to the Russian invasion, Ukraine needs any help it can get. Amidst human suffering, animals are in danger of being forgotten. 
How can we specifically help?  Being an animal hospital, we can directly order the drugs and medical supplies needed in Ukraine. We also have the know-how to best determine what kind of drugs and supplies are needed both for large and small animals.

The veterinarians of Estonian University of Life Sciences animal clinic will be in contact with the shelter’s veterinarians in Ukraine to find out their exact needs.
What will we get for the money? Our clinic will order antimicrobials, NSAIDs, spasmolytics, wound care products, bandaging supplies, syringes, iv infusion sets, intravenous fluids, antiparasitic drugs, but also vitamins and supplements – in short: anything needed to treat a large number of shelter animals. Drug transport permit will be obtained from Estonian Agency of Medicines. Supplies will then be transported directly to the shelters in Harkiv and Dnipro by Estonian volunteers. 

How long are we collecting for? Until May the 20th 2022. The supplies are planned to be transporte to Ukraine after the 26th of May. 

How to donate?
Donations to be sent to:

Reet Herm 
LHV EE547700771005848486
Payment description: Animals in Ukraine

All donations will be used for purchasing of medical supplies. Questions? Write to Reet Herm (