Rector candidates debated the future of the university

On October 24, the Estonian University of Life Sciences held a public debate for the rector's candidates, where they discussed the university's progress and presented their own vision. The new rector will be announced on October 28.

The debate started with the introduction of the candidates, when professors Ülle Jaakma, Paavo Kaimre and Endla Reintam talked about their connection with the Estonian University of Life Sciences and what they have been involved with in recent years.

Then the questions that were heard in the hall and that were previously submitted by employees and students were answered. All the most important topics were covered. Candidates emphasized that the university is among the best in the focus areas, but we often lack the confidence to present our achievements.

Focusing on the topic of students, it was concluded that students must be supported and their needs should be studied and taken into account more. Rest areas, benches and catering are key words that would help to improve the well-being of students.

All the candidates agreed on the question that the university must be more visible, because in this way it is easier to find financial resources, new students, and cooperation with both companies and society is also progressing.