Rector Ülle Jaakma in her inauguration speech: Estonian University of Life Sciences can be an example in finding sustainable solutions

Foto: Maria Kilk

Rector of Estonian University of Life Sciences, Professor Ülle Jaakma, who took the oath of office today, emphasised in her inaugural speech the significance of knowledge-based opinion to find a balance between ecosystems protection and the socio-economic factors necessary for the well-being of the nation.

According to Ülle Jaakma, the University has the opportunity and the obligation to create and share knowledge in all relevant areas of bioeconomy that are directly related to people's well-being and our shared environment for living. “Evidence-based knowledge is needed more than ever, because wise decisions cannot be based on beliefs. Research of the University is based on the goals of sustainable development, and our researchers and alumni can be an example for the whole world in finding solutions, and support making wise decisions," said Jaakma.

Rector Ülle Jaakma considers good cooperation within the University and with external partners significant for achieving goals. "I would like to pay more attention to developing business cooperation. It is definitely necessary to support the next generation of our researchers and academic staff in a more targeted way, so that research at the University is at the top level and the students get good, research-based education here, which will help them cope well in their life. As Rector, I promise to respect our common values, support creating and implementing innovations, and always stand for the University," Ülle Jaakma assured the University family in her inaugural speech.

Rector Jaakma was given the chain of office by President of the Republic of Estonia Alar Karis. In his speech, President Karis emphasised that soil is what has always fed its people, but now we are not talking about our land and soil only, our expectations are much broader. According to the head of state, we hope that land-related activities will ensure a future worth living for all of us. Sustainable land use and forestry, renewable energy, adaptation to climate change have become the survival sciences of our era. According to the head of state, creating the desired sustainable future requires the mindset of being more focused on land. One of the outstanding examples is our University of Life Sciences.

Congratulation messages were delivered by Estonian Minister of Education and Science Tõnis Lukas; Rector of the University of Tartu Professor Toomas Asser on behalf of the Council of Rectors, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Research Agency Anu Noorma, Chairman of the Board of Estonian University of Life Sciences Alumni Association Argo Normak, and Chairman of the Student Council Helen Kõnd. Former President of the Republic of Estonia, former Rector of EMÜ Arnold Rüütel sent his message in writing.

The ceremony of inauguration of the Rector took place on 13 January 2023 at the open session of the Council and Senate of Estonian University of Life Sciences, chaired by the Chairman of the Council, Ants Noot. The Rector assumed office by taking an oath of office.


Recording of the inauguration ceremony