International study programmes received applications from 32 countries

For international students Estonian University of Life Sciences is organizing different events. On the photo students are having fun in the ski center of Kuutsemäe.

This year's admission to international study programmes at the Estonian University of Life Sciences lasted from February 1 to May 31. The four study programmes got a total of 163 applications from 32 different countries.

The Environmental Governance and Adaptation to Climate Change master's programme proved to be the most popular, with 78 people from 17 countries wanting to start their studies. 14 people from six different countries applied to continue their studies in the Landscape Architecture master's programme. Planning and Analysis in Multifunctional Forestry received 23 applications from eight different countries.

The university's oldest international study programme is Veterinary Medicine, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. It is a pleasure to see that this curriculum is becoming more and more international. The submitted 48 applications came from 14 different countries.

The Estonian University of Life Sciences is considering opening new international study programmes and will announce this in our information channels when the development processe is done. The new international admission will open on February 1, 2024.