Frequently asked questions

How to know if I am eligible to apply?

Please see how to apply HERE.

Kindly note that the Estonian University of Life Sciences does not provide pre-evaluation for education documents via email. In order to apply, you must submit an online application. The preliminary evaluation to your online application will be provided via online application system.

You can pre-evaluate your qualifications by referring to general admission requirements, programme- and country-specific requirements, and English requirements

Applications by candidates who fail to meet the eligibility criteria will not be approved.


What is the required CGPA for applying?

In order to qualify for the Master level studies in the Estonian University of Life Sciences, the  applicant has to have at least 60% of the total score of his/her last studies. CGPA is the Cumulative Grade Point Average; it is the average score of your subjects. Please note that this is a strict requirement for admission. 


Do I need to present an English language certificate?

Applicants who apply for programmes taught in English must present a certificate of English language proficiency.

Proof of English may only be waived if a candidate has:

  1. completed secondary or higher education taught fully in English in one of the following countries: EU/EEA member states, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. You must have resided in the mentioned country while doing your studies. In case the applicant studied in an offshore campus, a recognised English proficiency certificate is still required. 
    In case of higher education, the transcript of records must include information that the applicant was enrolled in the programme taught in English.
  2. graduated from International Baccalaureate (IB) (applies for entering to programme "Veterinary Medicine" only).

Please note that there are no other exemptions!

If you have completed studies in English but not in the country listed above, we ask you to present an internationally recognized test. Accepted certificates and required results are specified HERE.


I have taken an English test but have not got the results yet. What should I do?

We advise waiting until you have received your test results and submit your online application then (by the application deadline, regardless). Meanwhile, you can prepare your application in the system to make sure all the other requirements are fulfilled. Please note that the results need to be valid and verifiable upon submitting the application. Most of the test results are valid for 2 years. Please note that the test results must remain valid at least one month after the application deadline. Please see more information HERE.


Can I still apply if my language certificate expires before the application deadline?

Your English language test must remain valid at least one month after the application deadline. Please see more information HERE.


Can I submit my Duolingo English test results?

No, we don't accept Duolingo English test as a proof of English proficiency. The Estonian University of Life Sciences only accepts the English proficiency tests listed HERE.


Can I arrange for my IELTS certificate to be posted to you?

There is no need for IELTS certificate to be posted to us - you may just upload your language certificate online. We are able to verify the authenticity of your results online. If you do not have the official certificate yet, we also accept an uploaded screenshot of your score report, as long as it shows your IELTS registration number.


Is there an application fee?

The application fee per candidate is 100 EUR which enables to apply for 2 programmes. The application fee is non-refundable, therefore, please explore the admission criteria and necessary documents thoroughly before submitting your application. 


Is the application fee refunded if I don't take/pass the admission test?

No, the application fee is non-refundable. 

The fee must be paid before we start to process your application. 


How can I pay the aplication fee?

The payment options and instructions can be found HERE. Please read the instructions carefully and make sure you provide correct data. 

It is necessary to upload the application fee payment receipt in the designated section in your online application after you submit it. 


I have paid the application fee and have not received any feedback. What should I do?

An international bank transfer may sometimes take up to 2 weeks. Once the payment is received, a notification with the message „application fee is collected“ will be provided individually to each candidate in DreamApply.

PS! Please make sure that the payment receipt or bank transfer also includes the name or applicant ID of the candidate applying to the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Otherwise, it is impossible to identify which applicant the fee has been paid for. 

If you have not received a confirmation after 2 weekscontact us.


If I am already in Estonia, do I have to apply via SAIS or DreamApply?

All candidates applying for English-language programmes have to submit their application via DreamApply. 


How do I apply with dual citizenship (one being Estonian)?

If you have  dual citizenship (one being Estonian), then you need to decide whether you want to apply as an Estonian citizen or as other. For Estonian citizens, there’s no application fee.


What are the deadlines and what if I miss the application deadline?

Application period will open on February 1, 2024. 

Admission deadline for programme "Veterinary Medicine":

May 2, 2024 (non-EU candidates)

May 31, 2024 (EU/EEA, Switzerland, Georgian, UK and Turkish candidates)

Admission deadline for Master level programmes:

April 10, 2024 (non-EU candidates)

May 31, 2024 (EU/EEA, Switzerland, Georgian, UK and Turkish candidates)

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Applications by students in their last year of studies need to be submitted by the application deadline as well (including the most recent results). 


Can I apply for spring semester?

Kindly note that the Estonian University of Life Sciences has intake only once a year for the autumn semester for all programmes.


My graduation is after the application deadline, can I still apply?

Depending on the country where you are graduating and/or the study level you are applying for, it may be possible to apply with your most recent grades/transcript.

  • For programme "Veterinary medicine": you can apply if you are graduating in the upcoming spring/summer in the member countries of OECD, CIS (СНГ), Ukraine, Georgia, IB Diploma programme or graduating with A-level exams. Graduation certificates must be submitted by the July 15 at the latest. Applicants from other countries can only apply if they have already received their final graduation documents by the application deadline. 
  • For master's programmes: applicants graduating in the upcoming spring/summer can apply with the most recent transcript. Graduation certificates must be submitted by the July 15 at the latest.

NB! Please see our country-specific requirements for further details on the required documents.


Can I apply for more than one programme? 

In total, candidates are welcome to submit 2 applications. The application fee is 100 EUR per applicant, which enables to apply for 2 programmes. 


Can I transfer my previous studies/credits to the Estonian University of Life Sciences?

Students who wish to transfer their studies have to apply at first as all other applicants based on previous acquired education.

After you have been admitted to the University and arrived to studies, you will personally meet with the Head of Curriculum and Study Consultant to see exactly which subjects can be transferred. 

Recognition of Prior Learning


I have a long study gap after my last graduation. Does it matter?

No, it doesn't matter how many years have passed since your previous graduation from secondary or higher education institution. However, it is required that you fulfill all the  requirements that are displayed under the respective programme.

The Estonian University of Life Sciences does not have any limitation in terms of the maximum age of applicants either. 


I applied last year, do I have to submit a new application?

We kindly ask you to use the same DreamApply account. However, it is necessary to submit an application for each admission period. We also advise checking the admission requirements again as they might be slightly different from requirements the year before. 


Is it necessary to upload notarized documents on the online application?

For the online application, there is no need to certify documents. For hard copies, the copies of education documents must be certified. Please see more information HERE

However, the presented education documents must include official translations in English (if originals are issued in any other language). Self-translated documents are not accepted.


I have been asked to upload a transcript but I am still studying and do not have a final transcript. What should I do?

If you do not have final transcripts available yet, then simply upload an interim transcript of your courses/results so far. Your university should be able to provide you with one. It can be an unofficial transcript in the applying stage, however, if you are later made an admission offer, we will ask you to provide an original final transcript (certified copy) by post.

Precise information for candidates in their last year of studies is available HERE

Please note that the application must be submitted by the deadline, regardless.


I have submitted my application in the online system DreamApply and have not received any feedback. What should I do?

DreamApply system enables candidates to complete the application in multiple sessions. For that reason, applications have different statuses, such as blank, prepared, inactive and completed. All these statuses indicate that the candidate has not yet finalized the application, and it is considered inactive by the Department of Academic Affairs.

Please make sure that your application is in the status of SUBMIT. In order to do so, please press the key SUBMIT on the top right corner of your application. Once the application is submitted and the application fee payment has been confirmed, it will then be evaluated by the Department of Academic Affairs and feedback will be provided to you as soon as possible.


How can I track the progress of my application?

Applications are accepted in the online application system DreamApply. All candidates have access to their account, which they can use to upload documents, track the progress of the application, and carry out relevant actions, such as changing your contact details or accepting/declining offers.

It is important that you check your DreamApply account regularly as it is the primary way in which we will communicate with you.


How to insert the motivation letter?

DreamApply application has a separate section for the motivational letter. There are certain requirements for motivation letter for the programme "Veterinary Medicine".  For Master's level programmes there are no certain requirements.

It is essential to properly cite possible sources used in your motivational letter. Plagiarism will result in dismissing the application. 


Which documents do I need to submit?

Before submitting your online application please make sure which documents need to be submitted and when by consulting the requirements and the step-by-step application guide at the website of the application procedure


Which copies of educational certificates are required?

All copies of educational documents must be officially certified, i.e. certified copies. Certified copies are documents bearing the original signature and seal of the authority which certify that these are true copies of the original documents. The documents can be certified 1) by an authorized official of the issuing institution, 2) by a notary, or 3) with an Apostille attached. We do not accept simple copies made on the basis of already certified copies. NB! Some special country-specific requirements may also specify the way documents must be certified.


What happens if the documents submitted were either fraudulent or do not grant access to higher education?

The Estonian University of Life Sciences reserves the right to withdraw or amend any offer or revoke the enrolment of a student if it becomes evident that the application contains fraudulent information, the qualification does not provide access to the chosen study programme or the student is found to have omitted key information from the application. Should such circumstances occur, the university will not be liable for any material or immaterial loss which the student may suffer as a result.


How and where do I send my hard copy documents?

Certified hard copy documents are required after you have submitted your online application and you have received positive feedback via DreamApply.  

General requirements for documents sent by post (please see also country-specific requirements):

* a completed and signed application form (print it out from DreamApply; please, don't print out uploaded documents);
​* copy of passport identification pages;
* officially certified education documents and authorized translations;
* programme-specific documents. 

Documents should be sent to the following address:

Estonian University of Life Sciences
Department of Academic Affairs
Fr.R.Kreutzwaldi 1
Tartu 51006

Kindly note not to send us your original documents. Admission documents will not be returned.


I have recently sent my documents to the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Have they arrived?

It is important that you check your DreamApply account regularly as it is the primary way in which we will communicate with you. Via DreamApply we will let you know about documents arrival.


I received a message from my delivery service that the documents were delivered, but you have not notified me. Why?

Please note that the documents are firstly delivered to the Estonian University of Life Sciences' clerical office and signed by the officer there. The documents are delivered to the Department of Academic Affars once a day. If you see that your documents have been delivered to the Estonian University of Life Sciences, it does not necessarily mean that we have already started processing your documents. Please be patient and wait until you receive a notification via DreamApply, which confirms that we have started processing your documents.


Do you provide preparation materials for admission tests?

There are no separate materials for test preparation nor sample tests available, except for the programme "Veterinary Medicine". We encourage you to look at the programme curriculum of the programme page on our homepage and concentrate on the themes that might be relevant.


When do I have to take the test/interview?

For programme "Veterinay Medicine" you have to take ISAT. Information about test times you can find HERE. Test can be taken 4 times a year, but to apply for the Veterinary Medicine programme at the Estonian University of Life Sciences for 2024/2025 intake, the test results from November 2023 till May 2024 sessions will be taken into account.

For Master level programmes, after you have submitted your online application, we will pre-evaluate the information you have provided. If all the programme prerequisites are fulfilled and required documents presented, you will receive positive feedback via DreamApply. After application deadline applicants are taken contact individually to send them the information about the test. After receiving minimum required score from the test, interview time is set up with candidates individually. 


Can I take the test more than once?

No, you will only have one chance to take the admission test. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before taking your test. Before starting the test, make sure that you have established a reliable internet connection. A failed attempt due to poor online connection will not grant a second chance for taking the test.


I have been asked for the entrance interview. How should I prepare?

The Estonian University of Life Sciences conducts interviews online. Interviews vary slightly from subject to subject and will take place only with the candidates who have passed the preliminary evaluation.

The aim of interviews is to understand your academic potential, motivation, and suitability for your chosen course.

Information about the date and time of the interview will be sent individually via e-mail to all candidates after successful pre-evaluation, or admission test, if applicable. Please note that interviews are scheduled on a rolling basis and it might take some time until you are contacted.

Before the interview, make sure that everything is correctly set up:

  • Internet connection is working properly;
  • Camera and microphone are in good working order.

In case you are not available at the agreed time, please let us know as soon as possible. A no-show (without a very good excuse) will result in an immediate rejection of your application. 


How long will it take for me to receive a decision?

A preliminary evaluation will be provided online within 7 working days. Master level applications will be reviewed only after the confirmation of application fee payment. Preliminary evaluations inform candidates about their eligibility to continue with the application process. Master level admission tests take place after the application deadline. There are different dates to announce the university's admission offer via DreamApply, please see programme-specific pages.


How do I find out about the results and when do I have to notify the University of my decision?

Admission notifications will be sent electronically through the DreamApply Estonia application system. All admitted candidates must accept or decline the offer in DreamApply within 7 days.


When will I be issued an acceptance letter?

In order to be issued an acceptance letter, candidates must have received an offer "accepted" via DreamApply, the following steps must be completed:

* Candidate has successfully passed the admission test and for Master level studies has successfully passed the admission interview.
* The Estonian University of Life Sciences has received via post officially certified copies of education documents, copy of passport identification page, printed out and signed application form (from DreamApply), and other documents indicated on programme-specific webpages.
* The applicant's previous education documents have received a positive evaluation from the Estonian ENIC/NARIC Centre to grant access to higher education or Master level studies in Estonia. This takes approximately 1 month after the officially certified hard copies of education documents have arrived to the university.

Upon receiving the acceptance letter (PDF file), which will be sent via DreamApply, you may proceed further with arranging your arrival (flights, accommodation, and D-Visa, if applicable).


I have received my acceptance letter and need to apply for long-stay D-visa, but there is no Estonian Embassy in my home country?

Kindly note that managing visa and residence permit affairs is candidate's own responsibility and the Estonian University of Life Sciences is not able to do it on your behalf. Please find the closest Estonian representation handling visa application HERE.

Migration Consultants

Migration Advisors at the Police and Border Guard Board will help you to understand the legal particularities related to the residence permit, visa, and migration-related issues in general.

The consultants work in EstonianEnglish, and Russian.  The service is free of charge.

Phone: +372 612 3500 (Mon-Fri 9.00-15.00)


Skype: EstonianPolice_MigrationAdvice (needs pre-booking)


Can I postpone my studies to the next semester or next academic year?

Students accepted to the Estonian University of Life Sciences cannot postpone the beginning of their studies to the next semester nor next academic year.


What is ENIC/NARIC Centre?

To ensure that all submitted education documents are authentic and grant access to higher education in Estonia, they are verified by an Academic Recognition Information Centre. If it becomes evident that the presented documents are false or do not enable access to higher education, the Estonian University of Life Sciences reserves the right to withdraw any study offer which has been made to a candidate.

The evaluation takes approximately 1 month after the university has received the certified hard copies of your education documents. 


How will I know if my ENIC/NARIC evaluation was positive/negative?

Once the Estonian University of Life Sciences has received an evaluation for your education documents, we will inform you via DreamApply.

Kindly note that due to the high season during June-August period, the evaluations can take a little longer. However, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity. 

If additional documents are required for your evaluation, we will contact you personally. 

Please note that ENIC/NARIC is a third party and we have no control over their procedures. 


How can I contest the admission decision?

If you think that your application was not treated fairly even though you met all the requirements and followed all the guidelines, you can contest the decision of the Admissions Committee. To do so you have to send your written contestation to within 3 working days from the announcement of the decision. The admissions coordinator will then forward the contestation to the chair of the Admissions Committee for review. You will be informed of their decision within 7 working days.


When and how to pay tuition fees?

The payments of the tuition fee are organised in two instalments in the first year (first half by October 15 and second half by March 1st) and in two instalments in the second and following years. The first payment must be done after the student has arrived in Estonia. See the tuition fee rates on programme-specific pages.

The payment must be done according to the invoice issued to the student's e-address. The only way for the payment is bank transfer. 


I have Estonian (or other European) residence permit, am I waived from tuition fee?

No. As long as you have not been awarded a targeted scholarship, you ought to pay the tuition fee if you study at programme taught in English.


Do all students have to pay the tuition fee?

Students admitted to our English-taught programmes have to pay for their studies. There are only some targeted scholarships for programmes "Landscape Architecture" and "Environmental Governance and Adaptation to Climate Change". Targeted scholarship means a tuition fee free study place, no extra money for living and travel is included. The scholarship will be awarded to the candidate with the highest amount of admission points and by default, all candidates are considered as applicants to the scholarship. In order to maintain the scholarship during the whole nominal period of studies, the scholarship recipient must comply with the requirements set for full-time study (30 European Credit Transfer System credit points (ECTS) in each semester). If not, the scholarship recipient shall cover his/her cost of tuition, pursuant to the University Council Regulation "Terms and Procedure for Covering the Cost of Tuition in Formal Study", for the remaining study period.


Can I apply for scholarships?

There are only 2 programmes for which the University offers targeted scholarships (a tuition fee free study place, no extra money for living and travel included).

1. Master level programme "Landscape architecture" - 1 targeted scholarship. Please see more here.

2. Master level programme "Environmental governance and adaptation to climate change" - 6 targeted scholarships (not for non-EU students). Please see more here

The scholarship will be awarded to the candidate with the highest amount of admission points and by default, all candidates are considered as applicants to the scholarship.


In the Estonian education system there are very few additional scholarships available for applicants and students, especially on bachelor's level. Some information on scholarships you can find here


When should I arrive to Estonia?

All new international students are expected to attend the Welcome Week and Orientation Days organized by the Estonian University of Life Sciences usually on last week of August, therefore you have to arrive to Estonia before that. The Welcome Week starts on Monday. 

The Department of Academic Affairs should be informed of your arrival date by writing to


Does the university provide accommodation and how can I apply?

Yes, for our international students the accommodation is granted. To apply for a place in dormitory is through online system. Please see more information about dormitory HERE.


When can I apply for a place in the dormitory?

A place in the dormitory you can apply for after you have got an acceptance (or conditionally acceptance) offer via DreamApply. Dormitory information.


Is it possible to transfer subjects from another university?

If you need to transfer subjects, you need to consult your Study Consultant at the Dean's Office after matriculation to see if previously passed courses can be transferred in terms of content and credit points. 

Recognition of Prior Learning


Does the Estonian University of Life Sciences offers distance learning degrees?

The Estonian University of Life Scences does not offer any distance or part-time study programmes in English. If you are a non-EU student, being on full study load (completing at least 45 ECTS per academic year) is a prerequisite for retaining the temporary residence permit for studies.


When do the studies start?

Studies are divided into academic years. Each academic year consists of two semesters (Autumn and Spring semester). Lectures in the autumn semester will start on the Monday closest to the 1st of September.


What are the average living costs in Estonia?

The cost of living in Estonia, compared to the rest of the EU, is affordable. The average monthly living expenses for international students, including accommodation, transport, food, and other expenses amount to approximately 600€ per month. However, the cost of living greatly depends on the student’s accommodation choices, lifestyle, and spending patterns.

For more information, please refer to the Study in Estonia article.


Are students allowed to work during studies?

Yes. In order to study in Estonia, non-EU students must apply for a Temporary Residence Permit for studies. In addition to studies, a Temporary Residence Permit allows students to also work, however, please note that studies must come as the first priority.

Keep in mind that in case of failing to complete the full-time curriculum, the issued temporary residence permit for the study will be annulled. The full-time curriculum means completing at least 75% of the study load (45 ECTS) by the end of each academic year.

More information about working in Estonia can be found on the Work in Estonia website.


Does the Estonian University of Life Sciences provide job placements to students?

The Estonian University of Life Sciences does not have a job placement system. However, we offer career counselling services for information about education and the labor market, advice on job search, and support in making career plans.

More information about working in Estonia can be found on the Work in Estonia website.