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About the programme

Agri-Food Business Management is a joint study programme of three Baltic universities that renders integrated theoretical knowledge and practical skills for understanding the agricultural and food market and managing agricultural and food industry businesses. Our partner universities are:
Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies  (LLU), Latvia (video,  about the programme)
Agriculture Academy of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU), Lithuania (videoabout the programme)

Studying agri-food business management will give you

  • insights by the leaders of the most successful agricultural and food businesses and organizations in the Baltic States;
  • competencies to perform successfully in the entire Baltic region and internationally;
  • network with the current and future leaders of agricultural and food businesses in the Baltic States;
  • experience cultural and business diversity of the three Baltic States.

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> Scheme of the programme


Structure of the studies

The studies will be held in all three Baltic States, which prepares the graduates for the international career in agricultural, food industry and bioeconomy businesses and organizations.

First semester in Estonia

Agri-food economics & policy, bioeconomy, research strategies and methods, leadership, corporate culture and human resource development, cooperative management.

Second semester in Lithuania

Finance management, managerial accounting, and control, strategic management of agribusiness, agribusiness planning and evaluation of investment and development projects.

Third semester in Latvia

Operations and supply-chain management in agribusiness, innovation of food system, international agri-food business marketing, integrated marketing communication in agribusiness.

Fourth semester is dedicated to the Master’s thesis and shall take place at the admitting university (with the possibility to select supervisor from other associated universities).



Learning outcomes

After completing the curriculum successfully, the student:

1)    demonstrate knowledge of contemporary theory and techniques of economics and business administration;
2)    demonstrate in-depth knowledge of agricultural value chains;
3)    utilize scientific research in business administration;
4)    develop an ethical and socially responsible corporate culture through human resource management;
5)    evaluate investments and design corporate financial policy;
6)    understand the role of innovation and manage innovation process in their organisation;
7)    evaluate competitive situation in their field of operation;
8)    identify gap in existing knowledge, products and services and need for research;
9)    design a research plan to solve practical problems in their field of operation;
10)    apply acquired knowledge in writing master thesis;
11)    effectively communicate research results;
12)    demonstrate effective communication and networking skills;
13)    organize and participate in team work;
14)    effectively represent organisation in business negotiations;
15)    demonstrate ethical and socially responsible leadership and management skills in the context of global marketplace, complex organisations and multinational teams;
16)    recognise cultural diversity, its challenges and opportunities in conducting business;
17)    demonstrate understanding of the ethical consequences of business decisions;
18)    demonstrate understanding of global issues in context of agricultural business, concerning social, economic, political and environmental problems.


Career opportunities

Our alumni will find employment and career prospects in agriculture, food industry, input supply, wholesales, retail sales, and other agriculture, food and bioeconomy related fields.



The Estonian University of Life Sciences offers 2 extra scholarships (a tuition fee free study place, no extra money for living and travel included) for citizens of Ukraine with the status of war refugees. The scholarship will be awarded to the candidates with the highest amount of admission points collected for the interview and by default, all candidates (citizens of Ukraine with the status of war refugees) are considered as applicants to the scholarship.

The decision about awarding scholarships will be announced on the 21st of June.


Contact details



Vaike Reisner
Department of Academic Affairs




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Programme duration: 2 years

Degree: Master of Arts in Social Sciences

Language: English

Application fee: 100 euros (non-refundable)

Tuition fee:

3500 EUR/year (EU countries),

4000 EUR/year (non-EU countries)

Two targeted scholarships for citizens of Ukraine with the status of war refugees

Admission will open:

February 1, 2023


Admission deadline:

April 11, 2023 (non-EU candidates)

May 31, 2023 (EU, Georgian, UK, Turkish and citizens of Ukraine with the status of war refugees candidates)

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