Acacemic year 2019/2020

Academic offer for exchange students in academic year 2019/2020


Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

Animal Science

Food Science

Veterinary Medicine (see prerequisites HERE)


Institute of Technology and Tartu Technical College



Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Landscape Architecture

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Nature Tourism


Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering

Forestry / Natural Resources / Geomatics


Institute of Economics and Social Sciences

Agri-Food Business Management


Language courses:

The Language Centre of EMÜ offers Estonian language courses for exchange students:

Autumn semester:

Estonian. Level 0-A1 (4 ECTS)


Spring semester:

Estonian for beginners. Level 0–A1.1 (2 ECTS)
Estonian for beginners. Level A1.1–A1.2 (2 ECTS)

To see other courses offered for exchange students by the language centre, CLICK HERE.


Physical education course:

The sports club of our university offers the opportunity to participate in either a ball games or aerobics class once a week and receive 2 ECTS for it:

OP.1444 Physical education (you can specify whether you want to take ball games or aerobics when you arrive)