Doctoral Studies

All international postgraduate students are welcome to apply for our doctoral programmes, but be sure to see the admission requirements and procedure first

The PhD programme covers 240 ECTS. The program includes basic academic courses and completion of the PhD thesis under the guidance of a supervisor from one of the institutes of the EMÜ.

PhD thesis topics for admission 2019


Why choose Estonian University of Life Sciences?

Top-quality research

Estonian University of Life Sciences is one of the biggest and most renowned science institutions of Estonia. 

The biggest institution of science in the University is the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, which comprises approximately 74% of the research financing at the University and approximately 5% of Estonian research financing.


The meeting point of basic and applied sciences

Estonian University of Life Sciences is renowned for its successful unification of basic and applied sciences. According to the Plant and Soil Sciences Research Evaluation Report of 2012, the University has succeeded in this crucial aspect more than other Estonian research institutions. 

The University has managed to stay focused on finding an answer to the question: why do we really do science? As a result, it has spanned from basic research to application in any meaningful way. There are constant meetings and conferences at the University, uniting researchers of basic and applied sciences and the stakeholders (i.e. all workers in a particular sector).


A wonderful campus

Tartu is really the University capital of Estonia and Estonian University of Life Sciences is the only university that can really boast about their classic university campus. All study, research, and other buildings are bound together by our integrated campus, making it only a 5-10 minute trip from one institution to another. The complex also includes student dorms and a modern Sports Building.


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