WVU summer school

Every year Estonian University of Life Sciences seeks to accept up to 6 students from West Virginia University for a 4-week practical course at our Veterinary Institute. 


The course consists of an introduction to Estonia free-time cultural program and a veterinary practical course. 

During the introductory cultural part, we will visit at least three different spots in Estonia, and have excursions and talks/seminars on Estonian history, habits, culture, and everyday life. 


The academic activities last for four weeks and include participation in the special course  “Practical training for veterinary assistants” (6 ECTS)

During the practice, the student gets acquainted with the daily routine of veterinarians and veterinary assistants. Students rotate between the small animal clinic, equine clinic, and production animal clinics. During the training, the students participate actively in daily activities and observe the work of veterinarians and veterinary assistants. The main activities include observation and offering supportive care.

If possible, the student will participate in the patient health assessment and conduct simple veterinary procedures concerning animal care and treatment together with a veterinarian or a veterinary assistant.

Working hours from Monday to Friday are 8.30-16.00

Obligations of the student: Students take an active part in the everyday life of veterinarians and veterinary assistants. They keep a logbook (diary) of the cases they have seen and the procedures they have participated in.

Reporting: Student asks the supervisor to sign the registration sheet at the end of each working day. On Fridays, the student submits the weekly report (a free-form description of activities and observations in Word format) to the chief veterinarian or the chief veterinary assistant.

The students are registered in the Studies Information System ÕIS and at the end of their stay they get the transcript of records that they will submit, together with their logbook, to the responsible person at their home University.

Additional information:


In a small animal clinic (SAC): 2 pairs of medical scrubs, preferably green or blue. If you do not have them, our SAC can also provide them, but we may not have the appropriate size.

In Large Animal Clinic (LAC): medical scrubs inside the LAC and long trousers (jeans) and a long-sleeved shirt with laced-up shoes/sneakers or boots for farm visits.



In the academic year 2022/2023 we will accept students from WVU between 24.05.2023 and 30.06.2023

We will start the stay with the cultural program. After picking up the students from the Tallinn airport on 24.05.2023 we will head to Tartu making several stops on the way and will arrive at the final destination on 28.05 to be ready for starting the course on 29.05.2023. 


The cost of the program is 3000 euro, including

  • accommodation (in double rooms)
  • academic activities
  • cultural program and 
  • transportation in Estonia