Dora Plus Programme

NB! Dora Plus programme is ended. It is not possible to apply for scholarships!

The overall objective of Dora Plus is to make Estonia more notable and attractive as a place for studying and research, and the education provided by higher education institutions internationally more competitive. Its sub-objectives are to:
* improve the awareness of young researchers and Master’s degree students of various teaching and research practices, and their involvement in international cooperation projects (Action 1);
* increase the proportion of foreign Master’s degree and doctoral students in Estonian higher education institutions (Actions 2 & 4);
* raise the efficiency of doctoral studies (Actions 1 & 2);
* improve the capacity of higher education institutions to include foreign students (Actions 2-4);
* raise the demand for foreign students on the Estonian labour market, and thus support the development of higher education and the economy; and
* strengthen the compliance of doctoral studies in Estonian universities with the principles of innovative doctoral studies (Actions 1-4).

See more at Education and Youth Authority (previosly Archimedes) webpage