Dora Plus short study visits

NB! Dora Plus programme is ended. It is not possible to apply for scholarships!

Short (up to 30 days) mobilities to foreign countries connected to studies or research are supported through this scheme.

application form.

The scholarship can be applied for by:
1.    PhD, MA and integrated BA and MA programme students who have completed at least 180 ECTS;
2.    Scientists and lecturers who are not older than 35;
3.    Scientists and lecturers, who defended their PhD thesis less than 5 years ago.
One applicant can be awarded a scholarship maximum twice in one academic year.  In the case of equal applications, applicants with no/less previous support from the Dora Plus programme are favored.

Activities to be granted (in order of priority):
1.    Participating in PhD courses or workshops if the topic is closely connected to the applicant’s research;
2.    Practicing in a foreign scientific laboratory or clinic, consultations with the field’s top scientists/co-supervisors, working in research libraries and participating in fieldwork;
3.    Performing with an oral presentation at a science conference;
4.    Performing with a poster presentation at a science conference;

Amount of the scholarship
The extent of the scholarship: up to 2000 EUR per one mobility

In order to apply for the scholarship, you need to submit an application to which has to include the following information:
1.    Applicant’s data (name, institute, status, e-mail address, phone number);
2.    Name of the event, organiser, short description of planned activities;
3.    Dates of the event;
4.    Website of the event
5.    The destination and dates of the study migration;
6.    The form of the presentation (oral or poster), its title, the names of co-authors and (if possible), confirmation from the organiser about the presentation taking place*;
8.     Study/work plan certified by the supervisor of the thesis, if the planned activities are carried out independently (without any inviting institution).
7.    Approximate cost of the study migration (participation fee, living expenses, transportation and accommodation expenses according to the fixed unit costs).

*Not required, if the planned activities are carried out independently (without any inviting institution).

Use of the grant
The terms of applying for the scholarship and the selection of scholarship holders is made at the university, the scholarship is paid to the scholarship holder by Education and Youth Authority (former Archimedes Foundation).

The DoRa Pluss coordinator of the university sends the data of the scholarship recipients chosen by the committee to theEducation and Youth Authority on the 10th of each month. For further activities, the istitution will contact the scholarship recipients according to the data presented by the university. Before signing the contract, the scholarship recipient shall submit a collection of data on the online application system ( based on which the Education and Youth Authority signs an agreement with the scholarship recipient at least 4 weeks before the study migration starts and where the amount and use of the scholarship are agreed upon.

After the study migration, documents proving the use of the scholarship must be presented to the Education and Youth Authority (former Archimedes Foundation).  You can find all the necessary information about this in the short term study migration manual.

This activity is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and executed by the Education and Youth Authority (former Archimedes Foundation). More info about the short-term study migration can be found on the Education and Youth Authority (former Archimedes Foundation) website.