PhD studies and thesis defence

PhD programme covers 240 ECTS and nominal length of studies is 4 years.
The rules that govern the organisation of doctoral studies at EMÜ are set out in the Regulation of Studies.

Individual study plan

By October 1st a first year PhD student and his/her supervisor should draw up an individual study plan covering the entire period of one's PhD studies. If studies were started later during the academic year, individual study plan should be compiled at first possible chance. Individual study plan will be reviewed and approved by the Council of the student's institute. Once the plan is approved, the PhD student should upload the plan as pdf file to the electronic Study Information System.
Individual study plan

Evaluation of PhD students

All PhD students are assessed on their studies and research once every academic year.

Evaluation report

New evaluation report (students immatriculated in 2022. and later)

Doctoral thesis

A doctoral thesis is an independent research or developmental paper. It may either be a collection of thematic research articles with a summarizing article, a monograph or a monograph published under a scientific publisher. See detailed information about the requirements and procedure of the thesis and awarding the degrees.

Requirements of form for PhD thesis

Defence of PhD degree

The programme includes basic academic courses and completion of the PhD thesis under the guidence of a supervisor from one of the institutes of the University. PhD degrees shall be conferred by a PhD Committee established by the University Council.

Conditions and Procedure for Awarding Doctorates (enforced 01.05.2020)

Defence Boards