Residence permits

Students from EU

Students outside EU

Information for the Turkish students

Students from European Union 

Citizens of the member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation (“EU citizens”) have the right to stay in Estonia on the basis of a valid travel document or identity card for the period of up to three months.

EU students must register their place of residence in Estonia in the Population Register within one month of their arrival. To do so they must take along their passport and housing contract.

In Tartu foreigners must go to the Population Register.

Population Register

Küüni 5, +372 7361140
Monday 9-12; 15-18
Tuesday 9-16;
Wednesday 9-12; 14-16
Thursday 9-12; 14-16
Friday 9-12; 13-15

Estonian ID-card

After that, within one month the EU students must personally contact the Citizenship and Migration Board (CMB) to apply for an (ID card) which certifies their right of temporary residence.

Tartu CMB Migration Office

Riia 132, +372 730 8800

Mon-Fri 9-17

To get  the Estonian Identity Card you must submit the following documents:
• a standard application form (is filled in at the Migration Office)
• an identity document of the applicant;
• a colored photograph sized 40x50 mm; (can be made at the Migration Office free of charge)
• a document certifying the payment of the state fee (24,28€) (can also be paid at the Migration Office).

The students will receive the ID card within 30 days. 

Students from outside European Union

Please note that the application procedure for residence permit for students outside EU may take up to 2 months. Be sure to submit your application in time. As a general rule an applicant should submit his/her application for a residence permit at a foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia.

For the conditions and application procedure for the Temporary residence permit for study in Estonia see the Temporary Residence Permit for study in Estonia.

To get a temporary residence permit for study in an Estonian educational institution students must submit the following documents:

  1. A standard application form;
  2. Form on the data concerning close relatives, spouse, family members and dependants;
  3. Confirmation of educational institution or students’ organisation (valid for up to two months);
  4. A standard curriculum vitae (except if the applicant is under 15 year of age);
  5. A document which certifies the legal income of the applicant. Lawfully earned remuneration for work, income received from lawful business activities or property, pensions, scholarships, support, benefits paid by a foreign state and the maintenance ensured by family members earning legal income are deemed to be legal income.
  6. The identity document of an applicant;
  7. A colored photograph sized 40x50 mm;
  8. An insurance contract;
  9. A document certifying the payment of the state fee;
  10. An applicant in the status of long-term resident of another EU Member State is required to prove such status upon applying for the residence permit.

A residence permit for study may be issued for a period of up to 1 year but no longer than the estimated duration of the studies. If the student continues his/her studies in the same educational institution, his/her residence permit may be extended by one year at a time but not for longer than one year all together.

Student who has a residence permit for study may participate in practical training pursuant to the curriculum without a work permit. To work otherwise, the student must have a work permit and he/she may work only outside of school hours on condition that such employment does not interfere with the studies

Language requirements

Incoming students must speak and understand the language of instruction at the required level. In case of entrance into a university or institution of professional higher education the student’s language skills must meet the minimum requirements set by the educational institution.

Students must meet level B2 requirements for English proficiency according to the common European Framework of Reference for languages.

Documented evidence is needed to demonstrate the English language proficiency. This could be an offical letter from the University stating that the student’s English skills are sufficient to study abroad. If you have taken an international test (TOEFL, IELTS,etc) please send us a copy of the test score.

Information for Turkish students

Like other students from non-EU countries, students coming from Turkey need a temporary residence permit for study in Estonia.

Application procedure

  1. After receiving the letter of admission together with Estonian visa and residence permit invitation from the respective Estonian university, please contact the Estonian Embassy in Ankara personally to apply for Estonian visa and temporary residence permit. NB! Please ensure that you have obtained an international passport when you start applying for the Estonian visa and temporary residence permit.
  2. Submit all necessary application documents for Estonian visa and/or temporary residence permit to the Estonian Embassy in Ankara. We suggest applying for the temporary residence permit together with Estonian Visa (type C). Necessary application forms are available at the Embassy or downloadable from the website of Estonian Citizenship and Migration Board. 

Students receive Estonian visa within max 10 working days and can enter Estonia. As Estonian visa is also a Schengen area visa, it allows the student to be in Estonia for a maximum of 90 days during a 6-month period.

During the 90 days in Estonia, students receive their temporary residence permit (see Estonian ID-card above) from Estonian Citizenship and Migration Board, providing that students submitted their application for temporary residence permit to the Estonian Embassy in Ankara and marked the place of issue correctly (e.g. ‘Tallinn’ or ‘Tartu’ depending on the location of their respective host university in Estonia).

Temporary residence permit without visa

Please note that there is also an option to apply only for the temporary residence permit (without visa). In this case, students will have to wait in Turkey (up to three months) until they receive the temporary residence permit (a sticker to passport) from the Estonian Embassy in Ankara. Because of the prolonged duration of the procedure it is recommended to start the application procedure for the temporary residence permit without visa at least four months prior to the beginning of studies.

If you wish to obtain the Estonian residence permit while in Turkey, please mark the place of issue on the residence permit application form as ‘Ankara’.

Documents to be submitted to the Estonian Embassy in Ankara for temporary residence permit:

  1. Standard application forms (available at the Estonian Embassy*);
  2. Application form "Application for issue or extension of temporary residence permit" (available at the Estonian Embassy*);
  3. Official invitation for the temporary residence permit “Confirmation of educational institution or students organization that the student will start studies in certain educational institution” (issued by the respective Estonian university and enclosed in the admission package sent to the student). NB! Official invitation for temporary residence permit is valid for only two months from the date of issue! NB! The letter of admission is not valid as official invitation for the temporary residence permit!
  4. Standard curriculum vitae form (available at the Estonian Embassy*);
  5. Document certifying the legal income of the applicant or his/her family members, who ensure his/her subsistence, during the six months preceding the submission of the application, including the amount, regularity and sources of the income; (minimum rate to be met is about 65 EUR/per month/per family member)
  6. Identity document/passport of an applicant;
  7. One colored photograph sized 40x50 mm (light background);
  8. Insurance Contract guaranteeing that any costs related to medical treatment as a result of illness or injury during the period of validity of the residence permit applied for will be met;
  9. Document certifying the payment of state fee (750 EEK) for the issue of temporary residence permit for study.

* Application forms available at the Estonian Embassy can also be downloaded from the website of Estonian Citizenship and Migration Board

Documents added to an application which are issued abroad must be translated either into Estonian, Russian or English and the authenticity of the translation must be certified by a notary. Documents issued abroad must be legalized or confirmed by a certificate (apostille), unless otherwise stipulated by an international agreement.

Estonian Embassy in Ankara

Ambassador Mr. Aivo Orav
Gölgeli Sok. No:16
06700 Ankara
Tel. (90 312) 40 56 976
Fax: (90 312) 40 56 976