Campus services


There are three cafeterias on the campus of the EMU. The places offer a large variety of food and everything is available for reasonable prices as the university makes an effort to keep the prices of the meals affordable.

Mainbuilding cafeteria (Kreutzwaldi 1a): Mon-Fri 9-16.

Building of Technology cafe (Kreutzwaldi 56): Mon-Fri 9-15.

Building of Forestry cafe (Kreutzwaldi 5): Mon-Fri 10-15.


There are also supermarkets near the residential halls “Betton”, which offer a large variety of goods. 

Banking cards VISA, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD and others can be used to pay for the goods in the cafes, supermarkets and stores.

Computer Centre

Address:    Kreutzwaldi 1
                 51014 Tartu
                 Phone +372 731 3038

All buildings and hostels of the EMU have internet installed. To get your own e-mail address, contact the Student Union in the Torn Dormitory, Kreutzwaldi 52.

Language Centre

Address: Kreutzwaldi 1
                 51014 Tartu
                 Phone +372 731 3162 
Head:      Ülle Sihver

Our students have a pleasant opportunity to learn foreign languages and agricultural terminology in the major European languages. The languages taught are Latin, French, English, German, Russian, Finnish, Swedish and Estonian both for local and foreign students. Besides courses at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, students can take language courses at the University of Tartu.

Student Union  

Address: Kreutzwaldi 52
                 51014 Tartu
                 Phone: +372 731 3049

The Student Union promotes students’ interests and protects their rights within the University and in the society as a whole. Although everybody is expected to join the Student Union, the Student Union membership is not compulsory. 

The Student Union provides several services, such as printing, making copies, making posters, binding academic theses. You can get an ISIC card and an Estonian Student's Card from the Student Union, and you can purchase an official University cap or a ring from there. See the prices here. (web page in Estonian).

It also offers students the possibility to have internet-connection in their dormitory-rooms, takes care of students’ home-travelling compensation system, provides everybody with an ÕIS password and username and supplies students with useful information.

Sports Centre 

Address:    Kreutzwaldi 3
                 51014 Tartu
                 Phone: +372 731 3902
                 fax:+372 731 3910

It is important to be strong and healthy. Our university has facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports. There are training periods where both novices and experts can practise their skills. A special fitness room is well equipped for fitness training and weight lifting. Other popular sports events at our university are aerobics, bodybuilding, volleyball, basketball, athletics, skiing, boxing and rowing. See the prices here (webpage in Estonian).

If students do not want to go in for sports in a big way, they can just go jogging in the picturesque parks near the residential blocks of the University.

Participation in sports activities organised by the EMU Sports Centre may also contribute towards credit points. Students should check with their faculty and the Sports Centre to find out how credit points can be obtained.


Address:    Kreutzwaldi 1a-117
                 51014 Tartu
                 Phone: +372 731 3000

Counseling at the University of Life Sciences is meant to support the student in dealing with problems with studying or in personal life. Counseling offers secure and confidential environment, in which the student in cooperation with counselor can find potential solutions for the problems. There is no problem too big or too small for turning to the counselor.

The counselor supports the student in understanding the problem, formulating it and finding the possible solutions. So counseling is cooperation between counselor and the student, where counselor does not offer ready-made solutions. Rather, the aim is to support the student in the process. There is no reason to believe that there should be something completely out of order to see a counselor. Early intervention can help prevent more complex problems!

Supporting students with special needs

The Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU) works to provide students with disabilities a learning and community environment that affords them full participation, equal access, and reasonable accommodation of their disabilities.


All the buildings of the EMU are wheelchair accessible.


Hostel TORN offers rooms for students in wheelchair. Accessible housing options should be requested as soon as possible-usually immediately following acceptance of admission.  Students with disabilities will have first choice for fully accessible housing units. If there are no students with disabilities by the deadline each spring, these rooms may be assigned to other students.


All the parking lots at the buildings and hostels in the University campus have spaces for accessible parking. If you are a student with disability who has questions about accessible parking, please contact our disabled students’ contact person


All dining areas are on accessible routes.

Student Career Service



Students Career Service of the Estonian University of Life Sciences was founded with the main objective of providing help to graduating students in making contacts with the employers and finding best jobs according to their qualification. Employers can choose and recruit the graduates as well as students.

Students Career Service aims to act as a bridge between employers and University. In addition to recruiting highly qualified personnel, employers have the possibility to get to know more about the EMU, study plans and various academic matters.