Student accommodation

How to get a room

The Estonian University of Life Sciences offers accommodation in Torn dormitory (Fr.R.Kreutzwaldi 52) for all of our international students, as well as local students.

All international students who have been admitted to EMU and want to get a room in the dormitory, should fill in the online accommodation form:

International students can apply for a room all-year-round.

We ask that you send in your dormitory application around 1 month before your arrival date. If you need the contract earlier for a VISA, you can fill out the form earlier than 1 month before arrival. Please make sure you write the date when you want your contract to start in the comments box of the application!

After having submitted the form you will receive an offer for a room in the dormitory that you will have to confirm within a week. By confirming the offer the deposit invoice will be sent to you.


What does it cost?

Rent in Torn

  • Twin room: 284€ / month (deposit 400€)
  • One place in a twin room: 142€ / month (deposit 200€)

Monthly rent already includes utilities (electricity, water, heating).

Internet is included in the room price, but you need to bring your own cable. The guarantee fee is 100€. The guarantee fee is paid according to the sent invoice, it is given back to you when you move from the dormitory and hand over your room keys.

See the gallery of Torn dormitory.

Please visit the dormitories homepage for more information. 


What are the rooms like?

The rooms are mostly twin rooms in an apartment with a WC, shower and a small kitchen. Pillows and blankets can be rented (5€/month), but students should bring their own towels, kitchen utensils and anything else they feel they may need. Outlets operate at 220 V/50 Hz.

There is free WiFi in the dormitory but a datacable can also be used for internet. 


Location of the dormitories

You can see the exact location of the dormitories on the campus map.

The dormitory is very close to the University buildings, about a 10 minute walk away from the furthest buildings. If you want to go to the town centre, it's about 20 minute walk or a short ride using the public transportation. There are two grocery stores near the dormitories.

From the dormitories to the train station of Tartu it's about 20 minute walk as well. The buses from Tartu to Tallinn stop every hour in front of the Sports Building, on the other side of the road from the Torn dormitory (see campus map). 


Documents and additional information

Dormitory Place Request

General terms and conditions of lease agreement

Dormitory House Rules

Operating instructions for rooms and implements in the dormitory

Gallery (Torn)


How to Find an Apartment?

Students, who stay at the University for full-time or if the life in the hall of residence seems not to be their style, should try to rent an apartment. Private rooms or flats can be found through newspaper advertisements or rental agencies in town. The prices range from about 130 EUR in the farther parts of town to 255 EUR or more in the centre (1-2 rooms). The rents are the highest in the fall. We advise you to consult our student advisor or your local friends before deciding on anything.

It is also possible to find a room at a dormitory with the help of Student Village, which is a non-profit organization. Its founders are Tartu University and the Student Union. The Student Village aims at housing students, guests and the staff members of Tartu University at a reasonable price.

The Student Village owns eight fully functional dormitories. The dormitories are located at various places around the city. All dormitories are close by the bus route and to the town centre.


Torn Hostel

It is possible to stay in the Torn dormitory hostel in the university campus for shorter periods. For more information and booking contacts, visit