@student.emu.ee address

EMU username grants you the access to:

Prerequisites for getting the University username:

  • students must be on the OIS;
  • paying students must have paid their tuition fee.

To get the username you have to take along your passport and go to the Student Union. If you already have your Estonian ID-card, you can create the username yourself at http://konto.emu.ee.

If you have forgotten the password or want to change it, turn also to the student Union. If you already have your Estonian ID-card, you can create the username yourself at http://konto.emu.ee.

It is forbidden to pass on the password to third persons.

Antivirus software

The students of the EMU have the right to use F-Secure antivirus software in their computer at the University and at home. It is possible to use the Antivirus Client Security or the Antivirus.

In order to get the antivirus software send an empty mail from you University a-mail (ending emu.ee) to the address antivirus@emu.ee and you will get an automatic answer with further instructions soon.

E-mail services for the EMU student

The e-mail address is usually in the form firstname.familyname@student.emu.ee

The main parameters of the service are as follows:

  • address: firstname.familyname@student.emu.ee;
  • access to the mail from: https://meiler.emu.ee;
  • Maximum size of an e-mail — 15 MB;
  • IMAP/POP3 (TLS/SSL) server: meiler.emu.ee;
  • Secure authentication — yes;
  • SMTP server from the Campus network: smtp.emu.ee

In order to activate your mailbox you have to log in at http://meiler.emu.ee .

Open http://meiler.emu.ee , and enter your username and password.

To access your mailbox in MS Outlook

  • Open Outlook;
  • If you create a new e-mail account, choose add a new e-mail account;
  • In the next window choose IMAP. And continue from point 6;
  • Choose Tools from the menu and from there e-mail accounts;
  • Choose Look or change the existing accounts from the wizard;
  • Click on the account name and Change
    • Your name: first name and family name;
    • Mailing address: (long) mailing address (firstname.familyname@student.emu.ee);
    • This server needs SSL connection and port number 993;
    • Outgoing mail server:
      • In the Campus network: smtp.emu.ee;
      • Outside the campus network: Elion: mail.neti.ee
                                                      Kernel: mail.kodu.ee
                                                      Starman: mail.starman.ee
                                                      STV: mail.stv.ee
  • Username: name of the account (e.g. Berry);
  • Password: don’t type it here, it’s better if it is asked every time you log in. Do not use Remember the password either. (If you type it here and ask the computer to remember it every person sitting at your computer can check your e-mails and send out letters under your name.)