The majority of programmes comprise different modules, i.e. sets of subjects determined by the curriculum. Modules can be either obligatory or elective. Obligatory modules may also include elective subjects (e.g. from the three subjects available one has to be selected). All studies combine a wide choice of subjects, fieldwork and research projects.

In faculties, courses may be divided into three levels: lower, middle and upper. Before taking middle level and upper level courses, all required lower level courses must be completed.

Optional subjects or electives

The student can select an elective from the subjects taught at the university or other universities. All subjects taught at the University can be chosen to be an optional subject if the necessary prerequisite subjects have been passed. Prerequisite subjects are to be passed prior to taking another subject.

Registration for courses

In order to register for a course, contact your study specialist. You will need to use the online study information system called ÕIS - Study Information System which he or she can help you with. The user name and password are provided by the University. See additional information here

Additionally you may turn to the studies information specialist of your instutute who will register you on your chosen courses.