Covid-19 guidelines

Dear student!

To keep ourselves healthy and for studies to continue normally, here are some guidelines you should definitely follow:

  • If you feel ill, definitely stay home and contact your family doctor. Also inform your teachers and ask how you can make up for being away or how it would be possible to participate in classes from home or online. If you have no symptoms or if you’re in quarantine with mild symptoms, you are not exempt from participating in studies. Teachers have the right to ask students with symptoms to leave the classroom.
  • Disinfect and wash your hands every chance you have. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. In a classroom, also disinfect surfaces you’ve touched before leaving. The university will provide disinfectants for open public spaces and classrooms.
  • Wearing a mask in university buildings is recommended to protect yourself, other students and the teacher. NB! Dispose of your used mask only in the marked bins.
  • Avoid gatherings in university buildings and the dormitory and to do your group work with classmates, opt for using video conference tools instead of meeting face to face.
  • Prepare for unexpected changes in your timetable and be patient. The university is constantly monitoring the situation and will adapt accordingly.
  • Life at the university is definitely exciting and there are lots of fun events coming up, but we’d still ask you to avoid large meetings, gatherings or parties.
  • Immediately inform the university (the study advisor of your institute) if you yourself get infected with SARS-CoV-2 or if you’ve been in contact with someone infected and need to self-isolate. Then the university can immediately take action to re-organise studies. If you live in the dormitory, also inform the dormitory staff.
  • Don’t be surprised: you’ll be asked to register yourself at the beginning of every lecture, seminar or lab. This is all necessary so we can find out who was where at a given time if necessary.
  • We recommend you all to download the mobile application HOIA. This can help you to quickly find out if you’ve been in contact with someone with SARS-CoV-2, making it possible for you to take the necessary steps to protect your own and others’ health. You can download it from
  • EMÜ advises you all to avoid any travel if possible in the near future. To plan your absolutely necessary personal trips or going to study abroad, follow guidelines provided by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( Travelling for personal reasons and restrictions that may apply to you because travelling will not free you from studies.
  • If you’re in a risk group (, talk to your study advisor and head of your programme to figure out how you can still participate in studies.
  • Vaccinate yourself against COVID-19. See how you can vaccinate yourself in Estonia from


Let’s stay healthy!

Office of Academic Affairs