Settling disputes concerning study activities

In case you are not satisfied with decisions concerning study regulations you can dispute it. In order to do so you must first address the decision maker, either orally or in writing within five days from the day the decision was made.

If the decision of your first appeal is not to your liking you can submit a second dispute, this time to the Study Director of you Institute. The Study director consults with the lawyer at the University and, in case of a doctoral student, the academic committee of the Council of the University. You should do it within five days from getting the first answer. You will get an answer within 15 days at the latest.

Disputes concerning outcomes of the defence of the graduation

Disputes concerning outcomes of the final examination or the defence of the graduation thesis must be submitted in writing to the chairperson of the defence board or to the Study Director of your Institute within five working days of the public announcement of the results.  The student receives a written answer to his/her protest within five working days at the latest.

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