Recognition of Prior Learning

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process aimed at assessing an applicant’s competence based on specific criteria. If the applicant meets the requirements, their competences will be taken into account for the purpose of evaluating their knowledge, skills and aptitudes. What is most significant is how the content of prior knowledge or skills corresponds to the objectives of the current programme or professional body’s standards.

This process may be used to restart interrupted studies, meet enrolment criteria, change of programmes, etc.

What do we recognise

With RPL, we are able to recognise your prior studies in educational institutions, knowledge and skills acquired through in-service training or independent studies, or professional and other experience. We compare your already passed subjects to those in the curriculum of our University. In order to start the process, please fill in the Recognition of Subjects (see below) and hand it in to the study specialist of your institute.

Don't forget to bring along the annotations of short descriptions of your previously passed subjects you wish to transfer to our University.

Estonian University of Life Sciences recognises prior learning and professional experience in accordance with the process established by the University Council “Terms and Procedure for Recognition of Prior Learning in the Estonian University of Life Sciences”.

Detailed information of recognition

RPL Application for Curriculum Completion

Recognition of Subjects

Recognition of Professional Experience/Independent Study and  In-Service Training

Interview Protocol