Study Information System ÕIS

Study Information System ÕIS is an online database that support the organisation of studies. Most universities in Estonia use ÕIS, it is a common communication channel between a lecturer and a student. ÕIS is web-based and therefore easily accessible. 

Why do I need it?

ÕIS is very useful as it contains the summary of the subjects a student has chosen, study materials, grades, etc. ÕIS keeps and systematises data concerning the studies at the University. Some of the study materials are only accessible only via ÕIS, which is why it's important to get your user account early on. Also, it is a contact channel between a student and a lecturer - notices and information sent through ÕIS are considered to be officially forwarded to the student.

Study Information System is accessible here.

How can I get the username?

After being admitted to the University and having arrived to Tartu, you ought to visit the International Office at the main building of Estonian University of Life Sciences. There you will be officially added to the list of students, the process is final in a day or two. Then you ought to visit the Student Union Office, located in the dorm building called Torn, where you will be given your user name and password for the online study system. 

Instruction how to change language in ÕIS.