Tuition fee

The tuition fees in the first study year are paid in 3 parts: the first part (200 EUR) as a pre-payment before arrival to Estonia, second part by September 15 and the third part by February 15.

In following study years the tuition fees are paid in 2 parts, equally for Autumn and Spring term.

After being admitted to the University, the student is to pay the pre-payment of 200 EUR for which an electronic invoice will be issued and sent to student's e-mail address via Dream Apply. If university has received the payment, Tuition Service Contract is ready to be signed (usually upon arrival in Estonia) and the student will be enrolled to university. Invoices for tuition fees will be issued in the end of September and in February and sent to student's e-mail address.

If you have not received the invoice or you have any questions regarding the tuition fee, please contact the Financial Department at the mailing address

Tuition fees in the academic year 2019/2020

·          For study programmes taught in English, except PhD programmes:

Study cycle


Semester fee


Price per credit point (EUR)

Veterinarian studies based on integrated B.A. and M.A. programmes

Veterinary Medicine (code 118977)



M.A. programme

Landscape Architecture (code 119359)

Immatriculated before 2018/2019 study year



M.A. programme

Landscape Architecture (code 119359)

Immatriculated starting from 2018/2019 study year



M.A. programme

Agri-Food Business Management (code


EU students: 1260

Non-EU: 1500

EU students: 42

Non-EU: 50


Students can apply to be exempt from paying the tuition fee in both full and part time studies if they are studying in a programme where Estonian is the official language of instruction, if they started their studies as a full time student at a tuition-free study place and if they are:

·         A person with moderate, severe or profound disability;

·         A parent or legal guardian of a child who is either under the age of 7 or disabled.

In order to be exempt from having to pay the tuition fee, the student needs to add a document proving the benefit (child’s birth certificate, a valid document proving the disability) to their application.

Exemption from the tuition fee can be applied for until September 20th in autumn semester and until February 4th in spring semester.

Tuition service contract

All non-state commissioned full time students (except exchange and visiting students) are required to sign a contract to determine the relationship between the University and the commissioning party.

The first year students are requested to go to sign the above-mentioned contract in the International Office.