University's researchers article decorates the front page of the Journal Insects

Foto: MDPI
The cover of the journal Insects.

The magazine Insects chose the discovery of the researchers of the Estonian University of Life Sciences from a new species of mosquito as the cover of its December issue.
An article describes a new species of fungal mosquito in science - Docosia caucasica Kurina & Kirik, 2021 - from the mountains of the Lesser Caucasus in Georgia. "The choice of the editorial board is both a pleasant surprise and an undoubted recognition of the work done," said Olavi Kurina, lead researcher at the Chair of Biodiversity and Nature Tourism. He added that such a highlighting of the article continues to emphasize the importance of biodiversity research.
In describing the new species, morphological and molecular features were analyzed and its differences from related species were discussed. As the article deals more broadly with the discovery of new insect species and the practice of describing them, emphasizing, among other things, the importance of quality standards, it has a wider audience among biologists-systematists around the world.
Insects is a publication of the MDPI publishing house, which belongs to elite of entomological journals (Q1; IF 2.77) and covers a wide range of topics from insect systematics to ecology and physiology. Every month, the magazine compiles nearly a hundred articles, from which one cover story is selected.
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