EMÜ researcher was elected as an expert in the European Life Sciences Program 

Rajeev Bhat (Professor, ERA-Chair in Valortech) has been appointed as an expert in  'Meat Alternatives' by the Scientific Council of European Academies (EASAC). 

Expressing his happiness on the selection, Bhat indicated that the theme of 'meat alternatives' or 'meat substitutes' is a hot topic of interest to the global consumers. Bhat specified that currently, the global population is transiting towards consuming vegetable-based proteins (meat analogues) over animal-based proteins. Some of the alternative sources of protein include selected legumes, oilseeds, lentils, mushrooms, nuts, etc, and the products prepared by using them.

The increasing trend and preferences to explore meat alternatives might be due to increased health awareness among consumers, a global shortage of animal-based protein, fulfilling religious needs, concern over animal diseases, and/or for economic reasons.

Nevertheless, on the other note, globally, still, there is a lot of uncertainty towards accepting and consuming cultured or lab-grown meat. Finally, Bhat indicated that there is a huge scope to work on 'meat alternatives' in Estonia, and with appropriate planning, the success can be anticipated in a short time to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers and society.