A top scientist in global ecology was elected an honorary doctor of the Estonian University of Life Sciences

Fernando Valladares

Estonian University of Life Sciences has elected an honorary doctor, who is professor Fernando Valladares by a decision of the Senate on May 26.

Fernando Valladares was born in 1965 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Professor Valladares is a professor in the Department of Biogeography and Global Change at the Spanish National Museum of Natural History, a member of the Spanish Research Council, and a associate professor at Rey Juan Carlos University.

His research interests include botany, ecology and evolutionary biology, and he explores the effects of global change on terrestrial ecosystems. He has published more than 450 articles and his H index is 90. He is associated with Estonia and Estonian University of Life Sciences with research cooperation, which is expressed in participating in joint projects, writing scientific publications and also contributing to the completion of doctoral theses.

There has been mainly cooperation with the Chair of Plant Breeding and Plant Biology, but also with the Chair of Biodiversity and Nature Tourism. The Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences discussed the appointment of professor Valladares as an honorary doctor in its council, and as a result of electronic voting, proposal was made to university Senate to award professor Valladares the title of honorary doctor. Valladares was also approved by the Senate.