EMÜ international study programmes got applications from 30 countries

One of the effects of the Ukrainian war has been a decrease in the interest of foreign students in our region, but exactly the same number of applications were submitted to the international master's degree programs of the Estonian University of Life Sciences as last year.

During the admission period from February to the end of May, 233 applications were submitted for international programmes. Most applications were received for curricula such as Agri-Food Business Management and Environmental Governance and Adaption to Climate Change. Both curricula received 72 candidates, ranging in origin from Bangladesh to the United States.

15 people want to study landscape architecture, this year 17 applications were received for forestry planning and analysis, which was opened as a new curriculum. 57 applications were submitted to the veterinary medicine curriculum. Traditionally, veterinary medicine is popular among Finns, but this year applications were also received from France, Denmark, Canada, South Africa and others.

Future foreign students of the Estonian University of Life Sciences will be elected during entrance examinations and interviews.

More about the foreign study programs offered by the Estonian University of Life Sciences you can read here: