A new book focuses on the opportunities and sustainability challenges in the global dairy sector

Rajeev Bhat and Toomas Tiirats

Rajeev Bhat recently presented his new book (ed.) focusing on 'Dairy Sector: Opportunities and Sustainability Challenges' (ISBN 978-3-0365-3870-9) to Toomas Tiirats, (Director, Institute of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Sciences, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu).

After receiving the first copy of the book, Toomas expressed his gratitude to Rajeev (Professor & Chair holder, ERA-Chair in Valortech) and pointed out that the global dairy industry despite being an important and integral part of human life (consumers) faces several unprecedented sustainability challenges. Irrespective of technological innovations and transitions, dairy production and farmers' livelihood are regularly affected, safety and quality issues remain unresolved, livestock diseases persist, and environmental stresses are regularly witnessed, thus affecting the dependent business and market.

Rajeev opined that understanding key sustainability indicators and challenges of the entire dairy industry with a holistic approach is vital. Appropriate designing and modelling, use of digitalisation technologies, application of novel processing and preservation technologies, understanding the life cycle assessment (LCA), instigating eco-friendly processes along with upgradation and optimization of the entire production line are some of the key factors to be considered.

Within this background, this book is focused towards identifying present opportunities and overcoming future sustainability challenges in the global dairy sector. Rajeev also pointed out that the intersecting themes presented would be useful for students, researchers, and other dependent stakeholders engaged in the global dairy sector.