We welcome exchange students from 11 countries in total 

Foto: Estonian University of Life Sciences
Erasmus+ exchange students

New Erasmus+ exchange students have arrived at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, all of whom will stay here for one semester.

This week, they are trying to adapt to the icy and dark conditions in Estonia, but next week, they will start their studies just like local students. In brief conversations with them, it was a great pleasure to hear that they came to Estonia mainly because our offered courses seemed interesting and compatible with their home country's curriculum. It's also pleasant to note that, in addition to the usually popular fields like veterinary medicine and landscape architecture, there are many students in the environmental field.

Yesterday, they learned their first Estonian words; today, they are getting acquainted with the student information system (ÕIS) and their schedules, and tomorrow, there will be information sessions and a library tour related to their fields. The adaptation program will conclude with ice skating and Shrove Tuesday buns.

Most of the students come from Germany and France, but there are also students from Armenia, Austria, Georgia, Italy, Jordan, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, and Ukraine. In total, there are 40 new students. You can find out more about the introductory program HERE

Admission to the international programs begins on February 1.


More information from: Karoli Kõiv​,