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Expedition to Ethiopia gave scientists of the University of Life Sciences valuable information about the wintering habits of the Eurasian crane


From January 15 to 27, scientists from Estonian University of Life Sciences and producers of the “Osoon” TV series of Estonian Public Broadcasting travelled to Ethiopia in Africa where they studied and filmed the wintering grounds of Eurasian cranes. The scientific objective of the expedition was to study the migration incl. wintering of the Eurasian crane – an extraordinary and unique opportunity for this was provided by the satellite crane Ahja 4’s first arrival at the wintering grounds of Addis Ababa.

A doctoral student from the Netherlands defended her thesis


Today, on December 16, a doctoral student from the Netherlands, Floortje Vodde,  defended her doctoral thesis at the Estonian Univeristy of Life Sciences. The title of the thesis is „Microsites and tree regeneration dynamics: prolonged storm effects in hemiboreal mixed forest”. Windstorm, among the main natural disturbance agents in central and northern Europe, is found to have controversial effects on the direction of forest succession. Storm severity explains part of the contradiction, but the composition and distribution of biotic and abiotic storm legacies may also play a role, she explained.

Seminar “Excellence in research for Climate change adaptation”


Today, on November 19, the seminar „Excellence in research for Climate change adaptation“ took place in Brussels, organized by Estonian Liaison Office for EU RTD, Estonian Research Council. The following subjects were discussed: EU and global activities related to climate change adaptation, international cooperation in research and the contribution of Estonian researchers to the subject. In addition to representatives of the European Commission, renowned Estonian researchers Ülo Niinemets and Peeter Nõges gave overview of their work.

New video for the Landscape Architecture master's programme


Department of Landscape Architecture of the Estonian University of Life Sciences has released a video for promoting their international master's programme in Landscape Architecture. The video features Timo Saabas, one of Landscape Architecture master students, riding his bicycle through different landscapes surrounding Tartu, the student capital of Estonia, finally arriving at the university where he meets his fellow students working on different projects.

The video can be viewed here.

Festive Meeting


On Friday, November 8 starting at 12, the Festive Meeting will take place at the EMÜ Assembly Hall (Kreutzwaldi 1a). In the festive meeting will be included the promotion ceremony conferring the title of Honorary Doctor to Professor Marja-Liisa Hänninen (University of Helsinki), as well as awarding Doctor’s Degrees, Medals of Merit, paying tribute to the laureates of the Popularization of Science Award and the Applied Science Award, Best intra-university co-operation project, appointing the In-service Educator and Innovative Teacher of the Year and the Alumnus of the Year as well as awarding scholarships and announcing the Deed of the Year 2013.

British Ambassador visited the EMÜ


On Wednesday, September 18, the British Ambassador Christopher Holtby paid a visit to the Estonian University of Life Sciences where he was shown around our facilities, including the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences where he was also able to see the first transgenic clone calf born in the University.

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