Thesis and examinations

When the Bachelor’s programme terminates with the Bachelor’s examination or the defence of the Bachelor’s thesis, the Master’s level students must defend their Master's thesis. The completion of the master's degree program usually takes two years. Upon acceptance to a graduate degree program, students are required to submit a plan of study to their faculty, which will be reviewed by the faculty committee.

All Ph.D programmes end with the completion of a dissertation and its defence. The dissertation is defined as a scientific paper with original outstanding results, which have been published in outstanding journals, and articles of which the candidate is the leading author. The Doctorate Boards will make a decision as to whether the dissertation corresponds to the requirements and will appoint two opponents.

Guidlines for final thesis

Types of exams

There are two types of exams in the University. Some end in the grading process, grades ranging from A to F. Second type of exam ends with a mere "Pass" or "Fail", with no specific description of students' achieved level.

Please note that when you are coming as an exchange student, your university might not recognise results described in the pass-fail system and therefore it might be very hard to transfer your credits when leaving Estonian University of Life Sciences. Please learn about your universitys policies before beginning your studies here and then choose the courses respectively.

Students usually have to take up to six oral or written examinations at the end of each term during the four-week examination session. If failed, students are allowed to resit the examinations once. If then also failed, students have to retake the whole course.

Registration for exams

In order to register for a course, you will need to use the online study information system called ÕIS - Study Information System. The user name and password are provided by the University.

Additionally you may turn to the studies information specialist of your instutute who will register you on your chosen courses.