Estonian University of Life Sciences is looking for directors to institutes

The beginning of the next year will bring changes to the academic structure of Estonian University of Life Sciences, therefore a contest for the positions of the directors to the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Institute of Forestry and Engineering, and Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences will be held.

To increase the coherence of the academic fields and to foster academic studies and research in the responsibility areas, the University reorganises its five institutes into three. Rector Mait Klaassen explained that the society is facing major challenges, such as the Green Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the wider development of circular and bioeconomy. "The University of Life Sciences has a key role in achieving these goals, as our academic fields are closely linked to them. The aim of the structural reform is to intensify cooperation within the University and with entrepreneurs, so that our academic studies and research would be more efficient and offer more knowledge and values to society.”

Further information on the requirements for candidates and the competition can be obtained from the Academic Secretary of the University (tel. +372 731 3063) and from the university website