International admission begins on February 1

From beginning of February, admission to the international study programmes of the Estonian University of Life Sciences is open. Three master's study programs and one integrated study program are open for candidates.

In total, more than 320 foreign students are currently studying at the university, or slightly more than 10 percent of all students. The admission lasts until April 10 and for candidates from European Union, Georgia, Great Britain, Turkey and Ukraine until May 31. Those four international study programmes are Landscape Architecture, Environmental Governance and Adaptation to Climate Change, Planning and analysis in multifunctional forestry and Veterinary Medicine.

Planning and Analysis in Multifunctional Forestry brings students close to one of Estonia's most important industrial economic sectors. Forestry directly affects the national economy and the well-being of people in many countries. Forestry is more than 100 years old science and study field at the university and known world-wide. There is a growing need for forest management professionals around the world. The need for analysts in the forestry sector, who can handle large databases, are able to analyse and model data in order to design different future scenarios, has also expanded. In-depth knowledge of mathematical methods and modelling, spatial analysis, inventory of natural values, prediction of dynamics and structure of forest ecosystems and restoration of natural value, forest economics and remote sensing provides a basis for processing large volumes of data, understanding and interpreting results and developing solutions. 20 candidates are admitted to the master level study programme.

The master level study programme Environmental Governance and Adaptation to Climate Change includes close cooperation with the University of Tartu. Unique joint diploma from two outstanding universities gives to a young specialist good career opportunities and the knowledge how to resolve social, environmental, and economic challenges the world is facing today. Studying here covers a very broad field of subjects from policies and legislation to information technology and science in the light of various challenges caused by the climatic change. 20 candidates are accepted to this programme this year.

Since 2013 we offer a master level study programme of Landscape Architecture. Landscape Architecture is a discipline that focuses on intervention in the landscape through the activities of planning, design, and management. It is an exciting programme that attracts numerous students every year from Japan to Mexico. The students become professional landscape architects recognized both in Estonia and internationally. 13 successful candidates can start their studies at Estonian University of Life Sciences from September 2023.

In addition to master level programmes there is also an integrated full-time six-year Veterinary Medicine programme, which is fully accredited by the EAEVE (European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education). Veterinary medicine is the oldest study and research field at our university. The history of the university began in 1848 with veterinary medicine, and this year we celebrate the 175th birthday of this study. Veterinary has been as well our most popular international programme for years. This year, 38 students will be accepted into this programme.

For more information, visit our admissions website.